Hello World

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I felt as though I might have enough free time to begin documenting projects I get myself into; past, present, and future projects. I’ve been told enough times that I need to document my work, have a portfolio, take more photos, write more how-to’s, et cetera. This “blog” aims at providing a public view of my projects and ideas, in order to both help others with my methods and discoveries and to act as a portfolio and digital resume for my career.

I’ve been tinkering and hacking since I found my first screwdriver; even before then as a 3 y.o. when I was breaking the first computer in the house. I have visual memories of disassembling VCR’s and other electronics, helping my step-father on various carpentry and handiwork. Today I’ve obtained my lifetime goal of an Electrical Engineering degree (Computer Engineering concentration, Computer Science Minor, as computer oriented as I could have it) and I’ve been a technician or engineer at some level of professional for about a decade. From automotive repair/tinkering, into aircraft avionics maintenance in the Air Force, then designing and installing photovoltaic solar systems, general hackery, projects taken on throughout my engineering curriculum, and my instrumentation research with the USDA. I’m not satisfied unless I’m coding a microcontroller, in the guts of a control system or computer, or building electronics from components.

I believe that I’ve had some inventive and unique approaches to various builds and I’ve fixed enough mess-ups or bodged together enough incompatible hardware to have some thoughts that may help others. I can only hope that this site could be used as a resource for somebody at some time to do something that they didn’t otherwise believe was possible or couldn’t reach their own solution. Please assume everything here is open-source and free to use unless it is noted otherwise, or if it is work for some organization/entity where the work is implied as closed-source, or if the source is unpublished (message me, maybe it’s available but just not posted.)